Intensive Planning Ensures Future-oriented Building Solution

Prefag uses production extension, to optimize work processes and logistics by the smallest particles, which produces Prefag, fit almost 10,000 pieces in a thimble. The company’s customers in 40 countries on 5 continents exports a large part of its products. In 1999, Prefag has doubled its production and storage areas from 3,000 to 6,000 m. These were however only eight years later again to almost every corner was delivered, new machines could not be purchased, identical workspaces were scattered across the entire site. Again, the company, to expand the operating surfaces, this time to 5,500 m and to exploit the terrain in the rolling Valley so definitively decided. The Chairman of the Prefag Board, Dirk Rivoir, recognized here.

the chance to plan everything from a single source and to organize the flow of materials, incorporating the existing buildings completely and efficiently\” Because a construction project increases not only the usable area, it is also the ideal time to process and Work processes in the operation to improve and new production technologies to give room. With standard plans and solutions no operation in the expansion of production areas in the inventory should settle, knew also Dirk Rivoir, because they offer no economic and sustainable solutions\”. With FREYLER industrial building has brought the company a competent partner at his side, who here plays out its strengths: in the planning and implementation of buildings individually tailored to the user. We have no uniform system of construction in the background, together with our customers, we develop holistic and specific solutions that mean an increase of value added for the company,\”explains Oliver Wollowski, architect at FREYLER. The earlier and more intense will be thinking about a structural change in advance, the exact viable concepts for the future can be designed.\” Basis is always a holistic planning, based on an accurate identification of needs at FREYLER and at the beginning of each cooperation.