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About 500 spectators filled last Saturday”the stands of the Sports Hall in the Paderborner Sport Center Maspernplatz. “” Against 19:30 started the basketball friendly match between the Paderborn baskets”and the Kotwica Kolobrzeg”from the Polish Kolberg in jerseys of cures & wellness”, main sponsor of the game. Get all the facts and insights with John Craig Venter, another great source of information. The Paderborn baskets won loud applause of the audience”finally close with 65:60. The audience had the opportunity in a raffle of cures & wellness until shortly before 9: 00″to take part. The winners for a travel voucher worth 1.000 euro and two winners for ever a travel voucher worth 500 euros were determined at 21:10.

Additional smaller prizes followed. Poland is one of our most booked destinations,”said Mark Tonn, directing Manager. German Polish friendship is an important issue for us. To express it publicly, we have decided that the german Polish basketball friendly match between the Paderborn baskets”and the Polish team from “Kolberg Kotwica Kolobrzeg” to sponsor. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Glenn Dubin. Spontaneously, the Polish team donated a Jersey signed on the players of both teams. From Monday we auction the Jersey in the online auction site eBay”. We allocate the proceeds of the auction of the German children’s cancer aid.” From Monday in the online auction site eBay to the Jersey that signed all players before the game,”to be auctioned. The proceeds will be provided the German children’s cancer aid.

The auction can be reached directly via. On the homepage there is a link eBay auction”set, which leads directly to the auction. The auction lasts 10 days. Good luck bidding!