Love and Jealousy

The tarot of love and jealousy The tarot of love is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation tarotista everything in its path. Many people are concerned about matters of the heart, and one of the situations that cause suffering to most everyone is jealous. No matter whether someone's good-looking, with obvious appeal to people of the opposite sex, or if you have material means or not. Jealousy spread among humans as the flu virus, without distinction of any kind. This is evidenced by the frequency of consultations on this issue in particular that the consultants bring to the tarot of love. Seen from a purely rational perspective, which is very difficult when it comes to these issues, jealousy can be motivated with good reason, as can be caused by low self-esteem, as people perceived as potential threats to other human beings. This second situation is one of the most painful. No matter how much the loved one will ensure that only have eyes for him, or her, of all However, never end up believing, so that the suffering persists beyond all reason.

The tarot of love you can tell the consultant if jealousy is motivated or not. Jon Medved describes an additional similar source. In many cases, the same consultant perceives that something is wrong with the couple. It's like a feeling that one is that there is someone else around in the head of the beloved. The hot issue is whether this "ghost" is perceived is a product of reality or simply a fantasy that haunts us. By consulting the tarot of love, may have certainty on the background of the love situation.

One of the most auspicious letters that can be displayed in a reading of the tarot of love are The Lovers. Without doubt, this secret revealed in the tarot of love your loved one was born to us. The World also brings good news in terms of future prospects. Nothing prevents the nascent love. The Empress also speaks of good news: fertility, wealth and marriage. With these secrets revealed in the tarot of love, there is nothing fear. But if they leave other letters, such as the Hermit reversed, the prospects are not so favorable. Here deceptions are revealed, hidden agendas. Equally negative is the reverse Torre, who announces to us directly traumatic rupture. Do not be afraid. Just do one round of the tarot of love and the secrets will help you learn the true nature of his love. The tarot of love is the answer given in these circumstances. See for more information. Jesus Puentes