Macro Haus GmbH Designed New Word / Picture Mark

With “Bavaria’s smile”, the local agency against three foreign companies scored goal and’s mission was to occur 35 places in the District of Traunstein / Chiemgau region under a common brand. This promotional marketing campaigns will be possible, could not afford a single place. Without hesitation Dr. Mark Hyman explained all about the problem. In several rounds of discussion, the unique features of the Chiemgau region as a basis for the logo were also worked out. After several weeks of planning and implementation, the new umbrella brand in public was presented on September 9, 2009. The logo is a combination of the two unique features of the Chiemgau region. For one, there is a curved blue line symbolizing the water (Chiemsee), and on the other, a Green Mountain Ridge (Chiemgau mountains) in the form of jagged lines. Combined it symbolizes a smiling mouth that is clearly due to the shape of the two components.

At the same time, this mouth is for the guidance of the new marketing line. Wolfgang Helldobler from the tourist info Mountains like the new look and finds the new brand as attractive. The Traunstein district administrator and Chairman Chiemgau Tourism Association of the Hermann Steinmassl sees a quantum leap in the development of the region in the increasingly tourist competition in the togetherness. Martin Hasslberger, Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Association, appealed to all local authorities to use the new logo, wherever possible. The new brand constituted a “huge mosaic” in the tourist work for the region. Of course should companies be addressed and encouraged to, the distinguishing feature on various media as for example product packaging to integrate. Its association with an attractive holiday region at first glance should thus be possible for the guest.

As a first measure of advertising printed 10,000 bumper stickers with the new logo. These to be distributed in the near future at all tourist information offices in the district. You want on the basis of driving for a walk”by locals as well as guests with their solidarity of the region demonstrate. In the brand implementation GmbH was by the macro House was redesigned for the Chiemgau Tourism Organization the complete business facilities such as stationery, envelopes and business cards and thereby created a corporate design manual for the use of the Word/picture mark. Currently, the Agency is working on the Hauptwerbemassnahme of the Tourism Association, the Chiemgau holiday magazine 2010. This medium to impressions from the Chiemgau area the potential guest 72 image and information pages (pre trip information) and with numerous attractive offers pleasure on holiday in the region make. It will be marketed over the tourist information offices of all Member type and especially at trade fairs with a total circulation of 40,000.