Today, the Mathematics if became something necessary in the life it human being and in all its activities. Carraher, affirms that: ' ' But the child learns mathematics in the street, the illiterate money changer collects appositive, the master builder trained for its father, is examples livings creature of that our analyses are incomplete, need to be defied, need to be disarranged and to be remade, if will want to create the true public and gratuitous open school to all, for which we fight in the public squares. All we, educators, need not to find the culprits, but to find the efficient forms of education and learning in ours sociedade' ' (CARRAHER, 1988, p.20). In the current world, the pupil receives many information; he needs to transform them into knowledge and to know for its life citizen, in which he will have to interact, to communicate themselves, to develop the self-knowledge, autoestima and mainly its creativity. We can cite that to construct geometric aviezinhos, parrots, drawings, mockups and solids they are possible examples to be used in the classrooms. To develop the creativity, they are necessary changes in the methodologies, this in case that, they can make possible one better learning of geometry.

D' Ambrsio, defines the creativity: ' ' All the ways to understand creativity converge to something that escapes to the routinist, who breaches with what he is waited and that brings new dimensions that result of new experiences, the individual evolves in direction to a total freedom of collective condicionantes and reaches its full individuality, returning to its individual dispute with the Creator. The manifest way as if this creative energy and as it focuses in the production of new facts ' ' (D' AMBRSIO, 1990, p.40). We cannot forget that when contextualizar the learning, becomes a challenge, and our life is always full of challenges in diverse ways.