Maxguard Safety Shoes

OSH Sigel takes new manufacturer for safety footwear on the OSH Sigel has its product range for you extended. Now, Maxguard leads the shop safety shoes of manufacturer known around the world. Maxguard is the wearer of the safety shoe in the Center, therefore, they offer not only a high quality and safety, but are also affordable and design. The company Maxguard says: the person should be the focus of our activities “.” This leitmotif is reflected also in the assortment of Maxguard. In today’s fast-moving times, which is trimmed in particular by companies on profits and in which there is an oversupply of information and products, also the uncertainty among consumers grows. Therefore, man must be, which again, entrepreneurial action is at the core”, describes Maxguard. Safety shoes should provide extensive protection for jobs, which often carried heavy loads or other artisan activities carried out be. By nurses up to firefighters, far more workers must wear safety shoes as you would first assume.

The rumors, safety shoes would be neglected in the design and be purely functional, we can only oppose, you need Sigel is only for occupational safety and health to look around. There you will find a wide selection of fashionable safety shoes. Learn more at: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. The biggest difference to a normal shoe and a safety shoe is a toe cap to the front of the shoe, that can withstand a load of up to 200 joules. Safety shoes can be divided into several categories. The S1 safety class is the standard safety shoe. He has fitted antistatic and a gasoline and olresistenten sole. They also feature a high absorption of energy in the area of the heel.

Work shoes also have the properties mentioned from the categories S1P and S3. But still others are added. For example, these shoes are by non-slip. Therefore, these shoes are particularly recommend, but if you are, for example, in trade fair construction or other work places, where like nails and other sharp objects lying around,. An additional sole ensures a slip on a smooth surface, such as ice and snow. A closed heel area which protects this sensitive spot, is also available. Work footwear in the category S3 also causes the properties of other safety shoes, but also partly waterproof, must renounce what a safety shoe of the class S1P. Safety boots of protection class S4 requirements same as S1 and is also water repellent. Safety shoes of the S5 class are equal to those of S4, but also have a through slip-resistant sole. Therefore, these shoes are recommended when working outdoors and of course everywhere where a moisture barrier is required. Was your interest take a look around in the assortment of Maxguard.