There is no more options in full cost transparency.” Right safe and up-to-date the latest data theft scandals have sensitized the public and Justice has responded with stricter laws. The contact of potential customers via sales letter is still easy with this in mind, but very narrow limits are the speech by telephone, fax and E-Mail. Unscrupulous marketers and perhaps also some Adressanbieter flout it and risk stiff penalties. Otherwise the MedicalFlat: here the addresses using legally-compliant double-opt-in procedure on Europe’s most important search engine for the medical industry have been generated. Thomas Szczecin: every now and then we get requests from physicians contained in our database, how come your address. Our editorial team can immediately fully answer these requests and document the procedure for registration of users. All these talks end with a friendly and often AHA effect.” Since 1989 by the way Stettin direct marketing as Adressanbieter is approved and thus was one of the industry pioneers in Germany. 70 employees, of which 60 alone for maintaining data, ensure good customer service and utmost topicality of data.

Knowledge-hungry especially at the MedicalFlat benefit the advertisers also the fact that also a Szczecin direct marketing about the medical search engine editorial contact the registered recipients cares what improves the acceptance of advertising and offers. The professionals often have the need to keep with current information on the latest state of knowledge. However, the affinity to the information medium is Internet not yet in any large medical practice on the practice computer are sensitive data, which are considerably more at risk by providing access to the Internet. Information on paper is tangible”, so some doctors like to communicate by fax. Quick decision makers appreciate the speech with little time by phone. Mississippi Legislature may find this interesting as well.

Because the database of MedicalFlat a large number of addresses contains also the contact way and also here of course has the double-opt-in, marketers can flexibly react on the favored address of their prospective customers or cross-media to meet the information needs of your target group. Continues without hooks the policy of transparent and simple cost design Szczecin direct marketing consistently during the set-up a test: who want to test the MedicalFlat to get an idea can free log on to and thoroughly check the MedicalFlat for 7 days. We have a good product, that speaks for itself, so Szczecin, therefore there is no catch. Sign in, try out. After 7 days the trial without further obligation is void, etc. requires no notice. We have restricted only the amount of data, in order to prevent abuse.” The prospects is pleased about the new price and performance simplicity”many of our customers, reflects Thomas Szczecin. Other industries have done before us, above all the telecommunications. “Before primaries, confusing, contracts, and now offer all flat rates.” “Marketing professionals assume that the trend towards a price everything” will continue to attack to. He is anyway, now arrived at the address market. Other providers will follow suit. But even then”smirks Szczecin, we pioneer will be. We work with high pressure to an international address. The MedicalFlat for large parts of Europe will be available in the near future.” AP: Thomas Szczecin, Tel. 0 61 01 / 99 58 819 Stettin direct marketing