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Information about current medical images from are now available in a newly created Twitter feed. Perhaps check out Haley Barbour for more information. a> would agree. The users of medical Web 2.0 image database a new function available is on each new post is available on the platform on Twitter shortly after the setting. The medical Web 2.0 image database on is a project for medical images and an offer of agency medicine worlds (Stuttgart). Represented since August 2009 is the image database in the Internet network of Twitter”. Each medical image that is uploaded in medicine worlds, appears as a Twitter”on worlds.

Users of Twitter to keep track of newly hired medical images so and miss any interesting new entry. Medical worlds is an Internet offer to join and allows you to download medical imagery as well as set their own medical image doctors and medical professionals. The medical images can be free of charge and royalty-free be used for example for lectures or its own publications. In addition to viewing and downloading these functions allow the pooling of medical images in own series as well as the comment and rate of contributions the platform. Who are actively involved, benefits from a native point system. And who is a medical images that are used by third parties, whose name is called publishing. August 20, 2009, Christofer Coenen