Ministry Lighting

Followed by the letter of Prof. Abraham Haim, researcher of the Department of evolutionary biology, the University of Haifa, the internal Commission for the environmental protection of the Knesset (israeli Parliament) decided to freeze the vote on the draft law for the change of the current lighting by fluorescent lighting in public places. The research findings show a direct connection between the fluorescent light and the development of cancerous cells in the prostate gland Prof. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is full of insight into the issues. Haim wrote in his letter. That Committee should meet to approve the draft law promoted by the deputies Esterina Tartman and Aleks Miler in which all agencies and public institutions in Israel would change the lighting by fluorescent bulbs or lamps that consume less electricity in order to reduce pollution of the environment. But, followed by the letter from the researcher Abraham Haim, the President of the Commission, Lic. Ofir Pines, decided this last to freeze the vote.

I understand and I agree that it should be given great importance to increasing the concentration of gases causing the greenhouse effect, but we must change these evils by worst evils affecting our health? In the last ten years I research the influence of lighting on the immune system and as a negative factor on our body, making sure that not only the fluorescent light develops cancer cells in the prostate gland, but also breast carcinoma. Research in this field is very delayed in Israel compared with United States and Scandinavian countries. According to the findings in Israel, the problem of the fluorescent lies in light (along the wave) that is released from the fluorescent bulb. Other research on the same topic was carried out by the student of PH.D. of the University of Haifa, Itai Calog and published in the prominent journal Chronobiology International and reaching worrying results. Meanwhile the israeli Parliament Member Ofir Pinis decided to conduct a meeting with academic and skilled in the art of the Ministry of health.