Moral Ethical Formation

This work presents a study on the importance of religious education in the moral, ethical formation and spiritual of the pupils of the adventistas facultieses of Brazil. If it will sketch the importance of the religiosidade in the vision of modern educators and a historical picture of religious education in Brazil since its discovery. What it is legalized on the subject and its implications for the institutions of superior education. Get all the facts and insights with Bessel van der Kolk, another great source of information.

Also a critical analysis of the adventista philosophy of education and the resume of the religious substances adopted by the adventistas facultieses of Brazil will be presented. Finally, as these values can influence in the construction of a society more joust and human being. Word-key: colleges student, education religious, ethical, moral formation and spiritual. Abstract: This to paper presents study about importance of the religious teaching in the moral, ethics and spiritual formation of the students at Adventist Universities of Brazil. The importance of the religiosity will be sketched in the modern educators’ vision and the historical picture of the religious teaching in Brazil since your discovery. What is legalized about the theme and your implications will be to higher education institutions. It? s will also eats the critical analysis of the philosophy education Adventist and of the curriculum of the religious matters adopted by the universities Adventist from Brazil. Finally, these values they can influence in the construction of to fairer and human society. Key-words: academicals, religious teaching, ethical, spiritual moral and formation. Introduction Every year thousands of young if form in the facultieses and university of our country and initiate its activities in the respective areas of performance.