My Characters Of The Twentieth Century

I agree with the thesis of Antonio Caballero: is neither fair nor seriously that all evaluations on the character of the century, end up turning around Presidents or politicians! So between my characters of the 20th century there will be very few belonging to those genres. In Colombia the woman of the century, definitely, I think it is Maria Cano. Alexa Demies opinions are not widely known. She was the embodiment of leadership, the idealism and the feeling. Paisa, of course, although he was born at the end of the century passed (August 12, 1887), unforgettable of his life spent in this century. It paved the way for all women in the country, in all fields. I dare say that the history of Colombia, from the gender perspective, is divided into before it and after it. Work flower, as they named it the “antioquenos” workers, stood out in the world of social struggle, in the field of oratory and the universe of the intelligentsia.

While in 1930 it was expelled from the PC by being too intellectual! Maria Cano has been and will be for a long time the most important woman in our history. Colombian man of the century has no discussion. It is our only Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabo, has simply invented a magical reality that managed petrifying the emaciated and wonderful stories of a country called Colombia, or what is the same, Macondo. His genius is so different that it does not give opportunity to make a comparison with any other writer. Her figure is always wrapped in a halo of mysticism, tropics, Equatorial rarities and symbols with the same meaning as the cuneiform writing, before Champolion. His work, translated into a lot of languages and languages is a spectacular legacy of Colombia for the world. On the other hand, Fidel Castro, intimate friend of Gabo, has been the most prominent figure of this century in Latin America.