Nesting Help For Wall Bees To The Pollination In Acquiring Fruit Growing

Pollination is purchase fruit growers to the pollination by bees of wall as a main or Nebenbestauber using this new nest your crops an optimized nesting help for population development and population monitoring is available. This nesting help was designed for use in the fruit of purchase of and boasts the following features: optimized for the reproduction of wall bees: with the gear diameter from 8 mm to 8 mm are suitable the nesting courses for the “Red Bee” and the “horned Bee”. With the average course length of 12.5 cm wall bees of your cells can quickly build and a nesting speed in a very short time finish (preventive measure against parasites) optimized for weight: with your total weight of only 660 grams at 300 nesting courses she is undefeated. Due to their light weight, the handling and the use in plants is easy and enjoyable. But even if you want to make use of the cleaning service of shipping the nests is much more pleasant and less expensive than at Nests made of pure wood. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Optimized for ease of maintenance: This nesting help is with a two layer model. This is easy to open them in the autumn and to clean, and again to install. The annual cleaning is recommended for use as main or Nebenbestauber. They do not clean the nests can evolve too many parasites used at the sites and break your bee population together. Who would not even clean his nests, which is to let them clean the opportunity available. For further information about this product and pollination management, see