Neurological Points in the Body

Prof. Michelangelo gave a seminar concerning neurological points in the body where through a series of techniques Neurological implementation plasma within the muscles and nervous systems of the body. The study of the bottlenecks in the martial arts goes back to ancient China, a detailed study of the human body and the flow of ki strongly related to acupuncture. Importantly, knowledge of body functions not only relate to the care and recovery of health, if it expands and is used in the development of new combat techniques. Initially it was known in Chinese as Din Mak, but like the Chuan-Fa migrating to Japan where he learned the name Kyusho Jutsu which currently would be the most common name of the discipline, it should be emphasized that most of the different martial disciplines handled Kyusho, but not until in America and other countries began the spread of modern Karate which dominates most sports focus on martial martial since the objective of this study is the pressure of certain parts of the body that cause dysfunction or paralysis in some limb or body which makes it very dangerous in inexperienced hands, even if some schools still teach it alone until the student is mature and get a degree and criteria for the use of these techniques. All the techniques we do have a specific target, so a constant practice is necessary to know that we damage area of the body, as we will and we will produce damage, this knowledge will tell us of what we do and the risks we can move if we use this kind of blows indiscriminately. As is known the system stands out for its spontaneity and explosiveness on offense and defense response to be a very fast style, basing their targets in different parts of the body to break down in seconds to the opponent as it is well known a clash in real life is short and the first will be victorious in a target focused and vital.

Not only a matter of giving many blows but that parts are hit and thus give greater performance and efficiency. yen that is based attack system hubs? Continuing advances in neuroscience, aided by the anatomy, physiology and biology help us to understand the body has a processing unit of information that is known as the nervous system is divided into two parts: Nervous System is particularly central in the brain, medulla and spinal cord and the other part is the peripheral nervous system which consists of nerve connections from outside sources and the 31 pairs of spinal nerves closely associated with the sympathetic and parasympathetic system of the organism also of the 12 cranial nerves. Every nerve of the aforementioned motor or sensory information transmitted to different parts of the body (movement of different muscles, images, smells, sounds and so on. At the time that suddenly there is a disruption of this information occurs in paralysis or dysfunction of the body, this is due to nerve inflammation known as neuritis, in extreme cases may develop neuralgia is an intense nerve pain. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of beyond meat on most websites. For the purposes of this type of very important points in the help of a trained instructor and a detailed study of the human body in addition to knowing the angles at which it must perform the technique, the technique to make contact either by friction, blow dry or pressure.