New Natural Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilding & fitness inspires its readers with the latest tips, trends, recipes and brand new reports the German first edition of the prestigious US magazine, natural bodybuilding & fitness”from the House of body attack caused in Germany already stir. Now is the second edition of the quarterly magazine on the market, and the demand is again great. Natural Bodybuilding & fitness”will continue in the German natural bodybuilding standards scene regarding the journalistic record of topics. The second issue of the magazine (July-September 2010) includes an informative mix of those for successful, natural muscle building training essential core areas training, nutrition, motivation, regeneration and health supplements. In addition to detailed portraits of WNBF Pro world champion Sabine Streubel and Sharon Gayle (world champion of the women figure class), the new body attack convinces publication with valuable tips (perfect peaking for the masters of the fine-tuning phase), race reports, a part of the extra women fitness and colorful stories about natural bodybuilding. Many natural bodybuilders swear by the new magazine, which promotes healthy muscle as well as healthy body fat loss. Natural Bodybuilding & fitness”is the selling price of 4,90 euro newsagents available or online at to order.