New York

He continued to conduct experiments, the same of Havana, and the result was similar, i.e. the transmitted Word wasn’t very clear. Continues with experiments and uses an element of electromagnetic type and the result was to obtain a transmission where the word sounded more clear, surely used microphones in birth. It interfaced two equal devices via cables. To attract potential investors in 1860 he organized a performance with a singer whose voice was heard at a considerable distance, by publishing the news in one of the newspapers of New York.

And in 1870 he already could transmit the telephone signal at a distance of about a mile. Meucci continues to refine its system and discover that the inclusion of coils in the line improves transmission, i.e., what we now call pupinizacion, in honor of Michael Idvorsky Pupin, which reinvented the procedure in 1899. In terms of policy, Antonio Meucci was not a simple inventor, but a sensitive Italian to the adventures that had to do with the struggle for independence and national unity which by then had been developing in Italy. The emblematic figure of that battle, was the great guerrilla fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi, who lived for a time sought refuge in New York, at the home of Meucci, working in his factory of candles. As a result of an accident on a ship New York, which makes nearly lose their lives to this character, his wife sells to a wholesaler unknown by $6, all research material, including the prototypes of phones and is improved when comes to claim them and that character buyer never gets it. Taking into account the date of this story and compare it with the date of the alleged invention of Graham Bell, year 1,876. Does not seem weird? Even in this Cuba beats the EE UU. Study and investigate what I say and you will see that it is true. Could it be that this unknown merchant was Bell? I conclude, first it was Cuba that the EE UU in this matter, but believe it or not!.