Nina Buchstedt

risk assessment provided. Suitable rescue equipment can be here: rescue lifting devices, spreaders, cutters, rappelling equipment. Joint Commission has similar goals. First aid rooms and similar facilities a first aid room is required for companies with more than 1000 employees or in enterprises with more than 100 employees, Unfallbzw if special. Details can be found by clicking David Rogier or emailing the administrator. Health risks. In this case, specific additional measures are necessary (E.g. more premises, additional equipment). First aid rooms or similar facilities should be established on the ground floor.

It is important that they are easy to reach with a stretcher. The location of the rooms should be elected so that hazards or adverse effects (due to noise, vibration, dust, gases, etc.) are excluded. A toilet must be located in the immediate vicinity of the area. The rooms must have at least a basic area of 20 m2. Levels in the Access area must be avoided (better: ramps).

Access to first aid rooms and similar institutions must have a clear width (see point 5 ASR A2. 3). Access with a stretcher must be guaranteed. The room temperature must meet the requirements of the ASR A3 5 “Room temperature”. At least a sink with running water (hot or cold), a means of communication (phone, etc.) are set to install. Also, the room to look from the outside is to be provided with a privacy screen. First aid rooms and similar facilities are also among others to equip with the following contents and means to first aid (depending on the risk assessment): dispenser for SOAP, disinfecting and protectives and Dispsable examination couch with adjustable head and foot part infusion stand desk or similar writing opportunity sitting area content of the large first aid kit means for extraction and ventilation (device of suction, oxygen, etc.) automated external defibrillator HWS-Immobilisationskragen tracks to the restraint of extremities disinfection material eye wash blankets, disposable protective clothing, one time pads for the recliner are marking first aid rooms and similar facilities to mark item 4 of the ASR A1 3 “Safety and health signs” according to Appendix 1. First aid rooms must be marked with the escape sign E003 “First aid”. The location of first aid rooms ‘escape routes and emergency exits, escape and rescue plan’ identified in the recovery plan such com. ASR A2 3. More information: news / Nina Buchstedt