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Real estate stocks, REITs & funds – with various slogans fueling their customers investment adviser. What risks have you what system? At the same time, no question, home ownership is the ideal investment and retirement plans. Who lives to rent can be away from risky assets better. If you have your own House, may like to invest in a rented object and saves taxes. Very brave act on the investment market depending on the budget and willingness to take risks. Nancy-Ann_DeParle may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Before you get started, they should know quite exactly what they are doing. Open-ended funds: invest the money of the investors in commercial real estate such as office buildings and shopping malls.

They are called open”, because the number of investors and objects nor the duration are limited. The Fund’s assets is generally broad. You have the choice between domestic and global funds (see chart). The success of the system composed of rental income, interest rates, sales gains and increases in value of the real estate. Secure and flexible: Open-ended funds are suitable for Sicherheitsorientierte investors, the in the long term to build up your assets. Fund shares can be purchased at any time, or it can be sold.

To have a liquidity reserve, the money is also invested in debt securities or other marketable assets. Already with a savings rate from 50 euro per month you can enter. Even though open-ended funds is considered to be safe, should mix them your portfolio only to a small extent. A diversification of your investment reduces your overall risk. Closed-end funds: they collect funds for a specific construction project. All the shares are sold, the Fund for other investors is closed. As investors are involved in the long term on real estate, bear the entrepreneurial risk, if the Bill doesn’t add up. Who wants to invest in a closed-end Fund, must often pay 10,000 euro and more. The distributions are tax-free, as far as dealing with repayments of investor money. Dividends are added later, you must pay tax on them. Closed-end funds not for old-age provision suitable risk: Because of the risks. Pays off the real estate not because vacancy exists, the distributions can sink or stay out. Experts recommend that you should use no more than 5 percent of your assets. Who do without the money is not loose, who can be away from the business. Never to buy shares on credit. Check the situation before the investment necessarily real estate, 0ualitat, occupancy and credit standing of the tenant. Real estate stocks: This year is to start a new form of real estate shares in Germany: REITs (real estate investment trusts). It is a publicly traded real estate companies, which are focused on rental, leasing and management of real estate. The incentive for REITs: At least 90 percent of the profits must be propagated as dividends to investors. Tax & rate fluctuation: not the company, but the investor has the income taxable. Unlike conventional In real estate stocks, whose dividends still the half income procedure applies (see expert advice on the right), REITs distributions are fully taxable. REITs can be at any time like other stocks on the stock exchange. The yield potential are higher in comparison to funds. For this you must expect fluctuations and higher risk. Real estate funds – so they evolve the development of 5 open Fund focusing on commercial real estate in the best locations. The annual appreciation shows yellow, green in 3 years, blue that for 5 years.