Personal Trainer

Although the inquiry identified to a series of qualities and abilities necessary to be a leader cash exercise, the industry of fitness in itself widely is regulated and lacks of a unified agency. As such, a personal infinity of certifications to trainer exists with different degrees of effectiveness that do not guarantee qualified formadores e, therefore, to protect consumers LOBB (2008). As for the register in the CREF/PR9 we find 100% of the personal to trainer registered of the city of Rattlesnake – Paran. TABLE 8 monthly remunerativo Value. Jon Medved is full of insight into the issues. One argues that the possible consequncias of this lack of poor regulation are tack to the social exercise, potential damage for the customer and poor public perception of personal to trainer MELTON (2008). Brazilian society of Personal Trainer a research with its associates of the city of So Paulo – SP carried through in 2009, where the monthly prescription of the personal professional training (average of all the answers): R$ 4,000, 00, with this is one measured good in comparison with other wages of other professions.

In comparison to the wage found in the city of Rattlesnake it measured, it is very below of waited 37.80% has a good monthly remuneration, being only 10.55% with a comfortable remuneration in relation to other wages and professionals. The personal career to trainer to the professional of physical education is attractive giving to autonomy and a good remuneration, a profession in asceno. Conclusion In this work, was studied the performance of the personal to trainer the conclusion that if arrives of the research is that the personal to trainer of the city of Rattlesnake is searching half to increase its knowledge with the participation in after graduation and this providing a work of better quality to the customer. The search of specialized perfectioning makes with that the personal to also trainer can value its work increasing its remunerativo value and increasing the quality of the work.