Riva Porec

Porec belongs to the most popular holiday destinations and the coast of Istria Porec is one of the most popular coastal places in Croatia. At each corner of the beautiful city she proudly shows its long tourist tradition. There are a very large number of private hotels and accommodation in the old town as well as the Riva. Nearby are beaches, deep pine forests and green areas, here all is simply intended to offer the guests pure pleasure and relaxation. Porec was an island once many years ago. An artificial channel separated the city from the Mainland. Many very well preserved remains of the ancient city are still visible today. Porec expanded its range of apartments and hotel rooms every year.

Apart from the numerous accommodation Porec offers many possibilities, ranging from entertainment to sports holiday. It is situated between the river Mirna and Lim, opposite the island of Sveti Nikola. A great advantage is in the very mild climate, that the temperature does not exceed 24 c rise is also in August. In addition to Agriculture, the olive and fruit-growing and fishing tourism also play an important role in the employment of the population in Porec as well as in the environment. The transport of Porec is very good and it is fast on the main connections to Central Europe. Highways, railways and airports are only about 60 miles away. The nearest airport is Pula.

Through the streets is M2 and E751 Porec is connected to Rovinj and Pula. While the summer ferry lines connect connects pore? Porec, Trieste and Venice has an international port. The name Porec comes from the Latin Parentium Porec, given by the Romans of the early settlement, which they built here. At that time, it was a castrum. In the 2nd century, the Histrians then conquered this area. A century later became Porec a city officially, when it belonged to the Roman colony. During the 3rd and 4th century, Christianity began to spread here and Pore became the Centre of a bishopric. The main cultural attraction in Porec is the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, when the Byzantines here ruled. Not much later, the Christians came. In the 7th century, the Franks conquered the area in the country’s future turns the various rulers that included the Patriarch of Aquileia, the Venetian Republic and Genoa. In the second half of the 17th century, settlers from Southern Dalmatia to Porec and its surroundings were. After the fall of the Venetian of Republic, Austria then ruled the city. In 1861, Pore became the capital of Istria and the seat of the Landtag of Istrian. It was under the reign of Italy from 1918 to 1943. The city was damaged by bombing during the second world war.