Sick Building Syndrome

Oxygen is but only then biologically active and healthy, if it is negatively charged. Clean air at the seaside or in the mountains contains approximately 3,000 4,000 negative ions per cubic meter. Indoor urban apartments, there are often less than 500. In Office buildings, their number often drops to below 100 negative ions per cubic meter, which can lead to impaired concentration, headache and general fatigue. These symptoms are exactly syndrome at the Sick Building”(SBS) described. To deepen your understanding Joint Commission is the source.

In Office buildings with air conditioners, the problem worsened even more, because they withdraw the last particles of energy the air. The filtering effect of negative ions and space is that they attach themselves to the dissolved pollutants and they allow to fall to the ground. The air is so clean and the person feels fresh and vital. Air Ionizers can temporarily raise the proportion of negative air ions in the living room. However, the actual cause of the lack of air ions, healthy namely that increasing environmental pollution, geo pathogenic electromagnetic fields and the electro-smog cross with the applications of wireless, continue to be removed thereby.

With the modern high-gloss plastic and metal buildings we create an unnatural environment us”, in the air conditioning, vapors from building materials, fine dust and a. m. the number of negative ions in the air further is decimated by from toners. “The increase of the Sick Building Syndrome” requires a change of thinking and new approaches in architecture. With the information fields of PURquell living room complete harmonisation, we have offered a comprehensive tool to neutralize the biological effect of radiation technical and natural noise in the living room in recent years. On the other hand, the complete package offers solutions for reducing the burden from the increasing electromagnetic pollution, but also to neutralize the biological effect of Earth radiation in the living room. Also to compensate for the change in the Earth’s magnetic field by the amount of steel in buildings offered a special PURquell information field. In addition the information field has now been developed CLEAN AIR to improve the energetic regulation of indoor air in homes and office buildings. The newly developed patterns of information CLEAN AIR is also like all other fields of the PURquell housing harmonisation permanently physically in a small ceramic disk stored. The ceramic plate in the Centre of the living and working spaces, or as a special solution can be applied directly on stored fuels energy improving the air tanks. More study results or background information are to contact Dipl.-ing. Paul Sommer. Paul Sommer is active for more than five years in smog – and stress research.