Sinterklaas And The Zwarte Pieten: Christmas In The Netherlands

Waiting for the Nikolaus in Germany forms the climax of the Christmas time Christmas Eve, then distributed the gifts and all can enjoy peaceful holidays with delicious food. The Christmas season begins middle of November, when the children eagerly await the arrival of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. The travel portal informs about the specifics of the Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands. A journey in the Netherlands must take place not in the spring at the Tulip time. Who would like to even otherwise vote a on Christmas, you should visit the Netherlands in the advent season. Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence understood the implications. Mid November the arrival of St. Nicholas is in the Dutch of Sinterklaas,”says held. He travels according to legend with a ship from Spain, and brings many gifts.

At that time, children can put their shoes with wish lists, as well as carrots and hay for the horse of Sinterklaas before the fireplace. As it is, the helpers of Santa Claus at night get the wish list, as well as the food and leave some candy such as Marzipan, Gingerbread or chocolate letters. In the Netherlands, the Dutch St. Gain insight and clarity with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Nicholas evening is Sinterklaasavond”celebrated on the 5th of November. He has a greater significance than in other countries, because this evening the gifts be passed or at the door. The Christmas holidays celebrate the Dutch, however, rather pensive in the family circle, many visit a church service. Unlike as in Germany, traditionally no gifts are distributed on Christmas Eve. More information:… Sinterklaas Intocht Hilversum 2007 AG Lisa Neumann