Source Backache

Most likely there will be no mature person who does not feel for once in your life pain. Bent over to brush your teeth or pull the tights and suddenly – froze in an awkward position. Doctor Jayme Albin will not settle for partial explanations. Some kind of attempt to straighten causing the pain. Scientific and technological shift to free or heavily restricted in human movements. He just sits or stands, when traveling in public transport to work continuously in uniform position at the bench or behind a desk. So, back pain occur in many people.

Any pain, many of you know, – said the alarm, pointing to the 'damage', the patient was a point in the body. In many cases (but thoroughly stress – not all!) Severe low back pain – a symptom of degenerative disc disease in the corresponding region of the spine. Back pain can be found at almost every turn. Recognize the differences in pain symptoms is sometimes difficult even for an expert without the use of special methods obsledovaniya.Osnovnymi challenges in treating patients with neurological manifestations of lumbar degenerative disc disease are: addressing the factors that compressing, irritating the nerves in the spine, the suppression of encountered pathologic istimulirovanie reduction reactions, the formation of adaptive motor stereotype. These tasks are successfully solved in a landmark treatment that allows you to organize medical care This large group of patients. In the first phase it should be directed to the treatment of pain and is in any medical institution or by way of self-help – undifferentiated symptomatic treatment (Anesthetic cocktails solux, Amplipuls, compresses, rubbing). In the second stage, after examination by a doctor, is symptomatic differentiated care (different types of pain embargo vasodilator drugs – a solution of nicotinic acid, etc.

baralgina, dehydrating agents – Furosemide, Lasix). In the neurological department of a hospital (third stage) is carried out differential pathogenetic treatment (epidural administration of long-acting hormones, different types of traction and manual treatment, physical therapy and various types of reflex action). Restorative treatment (fourth stage) is carried out in the department of rehabilitation clinics or hospitals, dispensaries or health centers. It aims to restore lost functions and the formation of adaptive motor stereotype. The success of the treatment and rehabilitation is largely dependent on the active participation of patients themselves, the good faith implementation of the recommendations of the motor mode, occupational postures and movements. It must be remembered The following rules apply: Frequently change positions and status. Need to sleep on hard beds, not to sag pozvonochnik.Utrom to do exercises to strengthen the muscular system. So good luck!