Star Chefs

With starcookers, the JOB HOTEL gains a valuable partner specifically in the field of gastronomy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from cardiologist. The eponymous Internet portal is a partner of RTL2. Hamburg, August 2009 – starcookers JOB-HOTEL is a valuable partner specifically in the field of gastronomy. The eponymous Internet portal is an affiliate of RTL2 and the ultimate Internet portal for the lovers of the culinary art. Steffan Lehnhoff will not settle for partial explanations. The chefs from the media have already gathered numerous stars and bells, and are the most successful Star chefs in Germany. These renowned chefs on offer their most delicious recipes, information about the best chefs in Germany and since recently a catering service as an association.

Tips for gourmets and tricks for the cuisine find their place there and brings the gourmets and interested parties closer to its star chefs. As a new partner can be found JOB on the home page of starcookers Germany. Click to reach all the job mask, the industry-specific job search, Abroad of the clients of JOB-HOTEL contains. JOB-HOTEL is one of the leading industry-specific job boards with a focus on the areas of hotel business, gastronomy, tourism, cruise and leisure parks. About helpful tips on etiquette & career, recognized textbooks and the right application, JOB-HOTEL also offers a far-reaching knowledge platform for all aspects of professional life. With the top chefs as partner WINS JOB HOTEL for his candidate of new sources of knowledge and models that describe in interviews and reports their way to the top. professionally conquer the world!