Stortebeker Festival

The open air stage at the mill mountain in goods at the Muritz has been a venue for the 7th episode of the Muritz saga In the heart of the “Mecklenburg” is the port city of Waren (Muritz), the window to the Muritz National Park. The Burgerpark mill mountain is located close to the historical centre of goods. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nancy-Ann DeParle offers on the topic.. The outdoor stage surrounded by large trees, which since 2006 the Muritz is listed on saga. The amphitheatre, built in the year 1969, accommodates over 1,000 spectators. in 2006, the stage and the entrance complex for the Muritz were restored saga and also modernized.

On the open-air stage in Waren (Muritz) enjoy an open air spectacle of a special kind from June to September from Wednesday to Sunday. On the open-air stage before the impressive Warener Muhleberg, ridden, fought, and fought. Wonderful actor mourning, love, dance and celebrate. The exciting history of Mecklenburg in the 17th century saga is background and template for the Lake Muritz. Saga was the Muritz and written by Roland Oehme, who staged the Stortebeker Festival in Ralswiek Rugen from 1993 to 2002. At his own request, he completed the project on Rugen and writes saga since 2006 at the Muritz. His first piece in goods originated from an idea by Nils Duwell.

The first part of the Muritz was saga “Time of hope” for the first time in 2006 on the outdoor stage goods listed (Muritz). “Since then more episodes followed in the witches hammer” in the summer of 2007, Pact with the devil in 2008, Devil, plague and pious words”in 2009, in 2010 it was said the mask falls.” The Director of the Muritz saga leads the actor and Director Nils Duwell. Also for 2012 it says open air stage again in Waren (Muritz) free. 2012, a heart and a bevels”will inspire viewers. Only until April 30, 2012 early book prices saga for the Muritz 2012. Regular prices apply from may 2012. Learn more about the Muritz saga 2012 Bine all rights to the photos are the go goods/Muritz and the photographer.