Strategy Of Family Health

Aiming at to support the insertion of the Strategy Health of the Family in the net of services and to extend the abrangncia and the target of the actions of the Primary Attention as well as its resolutividade, beyond the processes of territorializao and regionalizao, the Health department created the Nucleus of Support to the Health of Family – NASF, with Portaria GM n 154, of 24 of January of 2008, Republicada in 04 of March of 2008. The NASF must be constituted by composed teams for professionals of different areas of knowledge, to act in set with the professionals of the Teams Health of the Family, sharing the practical ones in health in the territories under responsibility of the Teams of SF in which the NASF is registered in cadastre.

Two modalities of NASF exist: NASF 1 that it will have at least to be composed for five of the professions of superior level (Psychologist; Social assistant; Druggist; Physiotherapist; Fonoaudilogo; Professional of the Physical Education; Nutritionist; Occupational therapist; Medical Gynecologist; Homeopata doctor; Acupunturista doctor; Pediatra doctor; medical Psychiatrist) tied of 08 the 20 Teams Health of the Family and NASF 2 that Social Assistant will have at least to be composed for three professionals of superior level of not-coincident occupations (; Professional of Physical Education; Druggist; Physiotherapist; Fonoaudilogo; Nutritionist; Psychologist; occupational Therapeutic e), tied at least to the 03 Teams Health of the Family, is forbidden the implantation of the two modalities of concomitant form in the Cities and the Federal District (HEALTH DEPARTMENT) It has as central responsibility to act and to strengthen 9 lines of direction in the attention to the health: the interdisciplinaridade, the intersetorialidade, the popular education, the territory, the completeness, the social control, the permanent education in health, the promotion of the health and the humanizao. The team of the NASF and the teams of the health of the family will create spaces of quarrels for management of the care..