Study Product Information Sheet

Current study to the product information sheet for Ulm, financial products July 2011 product information sheet for financial products (GDP) to help consumers from July 2011 life. Jim Rogers does not necessarily agree. A recent study shows that many leaflets for financial products of which are still far away, the H & H communication lab GmbH in Ulm. The study analyzed 67 product information sheets of various financial institutions on clarity for the consumer. Very easy to understand up to the difficulty degree dissertation, the results show that the industry from a standard is still far away. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jim Rogers. The study showed that many GDP in relation to intelligibility have potential still clearly upwards. It is used often too much jargon, which is simple and easy to difficult for lay people”explains study leader Dr.

Anikar Haseloff. The Hohenheimer Verstandlichkeits index (see chart) is used as a key indicator for the clarity. This index developed by the University of Hohenheim evaluates the comprehensibility of texts on a scale of 0 to 20. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The higher the reached value, the easier the text is to be classified. The GDP reached an average of 8.06 points when evaluating the Hohenheimer index. They are rather difficult to classify understandable. The partly serious differences in the comprehensibility of the individual documents are interesting: the most serious document in the test reached a value of just 4.67 points.

It thus has the degree of difficulty of a dissertation. The best document in the test reached a value of 17 points. That corresponds to the understanding degree of the Bild-Zeitung. This leaflet is therefore a very easy to understand. These high quality differences are indicative of the results of the study. Here’s the problem”, explains Oliver Haug communication lab GmbH. managing the H & H to provide consumers an orientation and basis for comparison, a uniform form should be found. The documents are often different and the quality of the language used is inconsistent.” Often very different formulations were used for comparable situations (such as foreign exchange risk, consult a tax advisor, etc.) from simple to highly complex.