Teeth Myth

If you remove a nerve from the tooth, it becomes a 'dead'. Each tooth of a living person since his dentition is a living tissue. It's called 'pulp'. This tissue is the body mainly contains blood vessels, nerve fibers and a variety of cells. Because of their sensitivity to pain is often referred to simply as 'the nerve'. The main function of the pulp – the production of secondary dentin – the material is very close in composition to the material of the tooth (dentin).

Secondary dentin is deposited in the tooth in those places where there is damage to the tooth such as tooth decay or traumatic chipped tooth enamel, or wedge-shaped defect (due to improper cleaning of teeth), or bare root as a result of periodontitis or erasure of tooth enamel with age. The body does this in order to insulate the pulp from the harmful effects and thus extend the life of the tooth, and most importantly, to prevent ingress of bacteria through the tooth in organism, where they can lead to very serious harm to the body, not excluding death. It is known that Nefertiti died from a tooth abscess. The tooth is 'alive' is not only because it has a pulp. The roots of the teeth, regardless of whether they live or no pulp, spliced with adjacent tissues. Dr. Jayme Albin may also support this cause. It is therefore wrong to assume that if a tooth is removed from the 'nerve', then he's dead. His hair is also no nerves, but so far they are growing on the body, they are alive.

When they sostrizheny or dropped out, then dead. Dead tooth – a tooth is removed. Keep in mind that until the recent past root canal treatment of teeth in the former Soviet Union is at a very primitive level. There were no tools or technologies. Almost all of the diseased teeth were removed because treat them could not. Today the situation is much better. The entire toolkit is freely available and doctors familiar with the technique of root canal treatment. But since this process requires a large skill of a doctor, not to mention the experience and knowledge, the results are different. In memory of people, especially the elderly, there is still a belief that if the tooth nerve is removed, it will get dark, and generally will be dead a long time serve. Therefore, many people today refuse to put on the teeth crowns, cure channels, etc. This fear comes from the memories, than usually is the treatment ended. In fact, properly cured tooth does not darkens and becomes dead. It can last man to end his life. The point is to choose the right doctor. Which brings us to the second myth.