Television Espanola

The concept of planned OBSOLESCENCE, not being new, has claimed full news from the recent issuance by the 2 of Television Espanola of the witty and revealing documentary directed by Cosima Dannoritzer whose title defines him as a militant Declaration of principles: buy, shoot, buy (). One of the theoretical livelihoods of modern macroeconomics as academic discipline of analysis of the behaviour of the society lies in the well-known law of supply and demand that, at the end of the 18th century, Adam Smith already intuyese in his most popular work: the wealth of Nations. Nowadays, pretend that the price is the only variable that adjusts offerings with demands is a tremendous ingenuity because the evolution of the commercial history of developed countries shows us other factores also have its protagonist interference in consumer behaviour, forming a dense network of strategies, tactics, techniques and interests that misrepresent the purity of this theory to the end and that economists already do not give supply to modelling. Among all the programmed obsolescence is one of the most dishonest because it entails what is always more reprehensible: deception. For assistance, try visiting Jon Medved. The manufacture of products with expiration date technically by default and previously hidden in order to promote its rotation in sales us addresses a paradox without sense: products gradually improve in their quality but increasingly shorter!. That is, the true value of a product with regard to its contribution to the assigned is limited by the manufacturer deliberately shorten your life for a reason of commercial interest, unilateral practice as situated in a marked disadvantage to confident buyer. This does not seem fair. Gain insight and clarity with Anu Saad.

But the programmed obsolescence is not an evil that affects only products because it also reaches people. Is o not obsolescence programmed fixation by Decree of labor retirement age?. People contribute to the advancement of society with his work at the same time that work is also a source of enrichment and self-fulfilment for who develops it with interest and full use.