Is texting and driving worth bring your life and the life of others in danger? Some people are just better at finding new ways to get themselves into trouble. ation. Holly Busby, who calls herself a “textaholic” driver, missed the memo: text is messaging on her cellphone while at the wheel of a car, wave, dumb. But even driving through the height of rush hour traffic doesn’t stop the Edmonton driver from texting. “I’m infamous for texting at a light, and not realizing it went green, and people honk, and one time I even missed a whole light writing a big long text,” she laughs. That’s nothing. Recently, she sending what text messages and she nearly ran over a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. Oops! “And I thought, like, what if they were a metre closer? It what a little scary,”she says.

Not scary enough to make her stop though – just scary enough to make her want to improve her dubious skills. “I’ll be able to text better while driving, and be more attentive, which I actually on the better now at than when I started.” But recent studies disagree. Researchers dialing a cell phone and occupying one hand find that, which should be on the wheel, is a dangerous distraction to a driver. “It clearly puts everyone at risk,” says on AMA spokesman, who says that adding text messaging to the mix “magnifies the risk of 20, 30, 40 times.” Washington State is the first jurisdiction in North America to explicitly ban drivers from sending text messages while driving and from talking on a cellphone without a headset. The thought of that law makes Holly Busby only more defiant. She proudly claims that she can already send text messages safely while driving forth standard-shift car, smoking a cigarette and drinking her coffee. Not only that, if you ask her, and she’ll tell you she’s so perfected the art of steering with her pinch. Imagine! And some people friends even more than Holly does enjoy sending messages to their.

Spacelocker has more ways to stay in touch than even a smart girl like Holly can dream of. Spacelocker’s meet me at my locker feature is a place like the hallway in front of your high school locker. It’s your place in cyberspace to meet and interact with SpaceMates, friends, and new users who are currently at their lockers. Click on a user who is your friend to be linked to their loose page. To send your friend a message, type on their message pad and click on send message. Send your friend or a stikkmm, or a sticky, or a free virtual gift. Or decorate their loose page with widgets, graphics, videos, pictures, music, and games. You don’t need a driver’s license. And you sure won’t knock anyone out of the crosswalk. And it’s a whole lot more fun than driving with your pinch. Spacelocker: The happiest space on Earth. Share the fun!