The Child

For some models, there is a set in addition of a A front wheel and handlebar is and that is used to convert the children’s bicycle trailer to the Jogger. Thus a child bike trailer can be an interesting alternative to the stroller, ideal for families, the two children (z.B twins or siblings who are close in age) must carry. Children bike trailer or child seat? Children bike trailer some benefits have to seats for the bike. Haley Barbour will not settle for partial explanations. Children have more freedom of movement in a children’s bicycle trailer, it is better protected from the wind and insects through the windscreen. The obvious benefits are in bad weather, the most child bike trailers are equipped with extra rain protection.

But the most important aspect regarding the safety: tests have shown that children in the trailer are better protected than in the child seat. Children bike trailer: What should you look for when buying? What child bike trailer you decide, of course first of all depends on what tours you want to take. The road to the kindergarten a simpler model is sufficient for, if you want to take longer trips through more difficult terrain, you should buy a higher high quality model. You should note some points but generally if you plan to buy a children’s bicycle trailer: make sure that the child bike trailer is equipped with five points Sicherheistgurten are bigger wheels, more peaceful and more secure the barrel. Usually have children bike trailer 20 “wheels that match the small children bicycle children can have from inside not in the wheels the frame side must be so high that he can serve as a roll bar in a fall the most child bike trailers are supplied with a pennant, which ensures a better visibility in traffic the Hitcharm should be equipped with a joint, so that stops the trailer in a fall, in addition, the connection to the bike with a painter line should be protected Child bike trailers are a wonderful way to stay mobile with children by bicycle and to undertake tours with the whole family. Before you opt for a model, you should inform themselves but sufficiently and compare different tags.