The Customers Remain The Kiosk

Revenues for road blocking provide Brunswick – family Heinz-Gunter Fricke, who runs a kiosk with Polish specialities in the Styria road, existential angst. Although tries by reductions and intensification of promotional measures to counteract family Fricke, but a majority of customers can hardly reach the kiosk due to the maintenance of the district heating network. In addition to the large and diverse range of “normal” kiosk with bakery shop and lottery – collection points, the widest range of Polish specialties in Brunswick leads fatty shops. Family Fricke has introduced as a first kiosk Polish specialities in Braunschweig. In addition to the large and diverse range of Polish dishes, fresh bread and cake parts as well as drinks and magazines are offered.

Referred to “Fatty shops”, by the customers often affectionately as a four star kiosk is also headed the Polish Prosecutor Gabi of the first and arguably only Polish champion of Partition in Braunschweig-, a Hairdresser’s Salon. But not only the Polish customers and customers are very satisfied with the services provided, no all praise the good price – performance ratio and the quality of the work. Appointments and orders and you can also call (0162 8147979) email: or agree on the Internet ( But they look over at us! It is really worth! In October 2009, the construction work should be completed by the way, until then it is important to persevere! 2009 hgbcon 0531 361309