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NeverGiveUp records new perspective for music professionals NeverGiveUp records is an independent Web music label based in Germany, working with musicians from the rhythm & blues, hip hop and soul scene. The great demand of international musicians who wanted to present themselves on the German market and establish, prompted the emergence of NGU records. Talented and suitably chosen international musicians received by now to the opportunity to present, you can see evidence free of charge on the German music market via a clear and lively online platform deliver and to cover especially foot in another country. The bilingual structure of platform simplified in particular the communication and the representation of the artist. The goal is to take the path of globalization and thus joint collaborations between German and foreign musicians to bring forth.

Is allowed from now on German-speaking artists, through collaborations with international artists from abroad to present. We help you get started in the music business the artist and take from him the work of self promotion. Music creators from Germany and abroad we offer a basic package, which targeted and market-oriented promotion, production, which is technically up to date, and appearances in the in home and abroad includes, at. NGU records characterized the producers, which the artist provides the current sound, the promoters who take care of the complete Web and promotion of street and the graphic designers and technicians, who work according to the current standard and the artists offer always the latest by a dedicated team, consisting of managers, who take care of the finances, events, promotion, the management and marketing. The harmony and interplay of all 5 sections is the most important element for establishing a base. In addition to offering diversity plays a strategic role: distinguishes itself from other labels and offers a wider range of self publicity, the artists because often remains adolescent artists Due to high market sequence blocked the way, to demonstrate themselves and their talent.