The Heat

Please note that you need lots of wood for this purpose. During the day, it makes only a fire can reasonably burn it and covered it with wet leaves, Moss, corn or other hard combustible damp plants. This creates a strong smoke that is visible from afar. Night light (high demand for wood) daytime smoke (damp covering material required) the cooking fires as the name implies it is used for cooking. Afterwards however, often to a large bonfire built. The heat should away radiate upwards as far as possible, so that it is not too hot on the cooking zone. Just when to cook for several people, you should choose a pit fire.

Here you have warm feet but no excessive heat. Much glow on limited area, a lot of heat to the top. Star fire pit fire Hunter fire, bar fire (spit Grill) fire pit fire fighter fire bar fire (spit Grill) the classic Campfire fire is built directly on the ground and hence ground fire is named. To clean a place of leaves and dry grass to prevent a spread of the fire. A stone wreath is always beneficial.

Collect wood, sticks, a few small batons or hedge material. The more the better. Wet wood, it is recommended to bring a paper or a cardboard. Medium-sized poles gather. Fat between fingers and forearm. At firewood with an axe or a hoe is split before.Build a nest of fire, small sticks, chopped, pine cone etc around the nest of fire on simple. Drum set up around some sticks or logs to a small pyramid.Then are branches / trunks or logs outside a star at the nest closer placed, so that the top burn. The nest can ignite and burn properly. Always nice slide radially arranged wood creating a glowing hearth and fire in the middle. This fire very well suited as long-burning campfire.