At the start of the 20th century it had a series of transformations in the whole world in the most varied fields of the society. Peter A. Levine PhD might disagree with that approach. The Europe sees the growth of the Democracy and the capitalism to the side of the socialism and the communism. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala wanted to know more. Science and the industry had progressed frightfully. The world suffers the rocking from two great wars. In the literary field ‘ appears Marinetti with its; ‘ Manifesto of the Futurismo’ ‘ nailing the age of the speed, the aggressiveness and the machine. It tried abolishes academic tradition in literature. It said that literature would have to be turned toward the gift.

It wanted the total freedom of the art. In Brazil the Modernismo had as precursory Oswald de Andrade in 1912 that it brought the ideal of Marinetti for Brazil and Manuel Flag assimilated the new chain in the Whisker. In 1917 Anita Malfatti it carries through a painting exposition based in the Italian Cubismo. It finished deserving critical of called Lobato Hunter ‘ ‘ Meaconing or Paranoia? ‘ ‘ In 1922 the Week of the Modern Art was launched in So Paulo. This week consisted of expositions, debates, lectures, declamations, everything if base I walk in the new style. It was the landmark of the Modernismo. The characteristics of the Modernismo are, almost always, against the traditional concepts as: total freedom of expression form, use of the coloquial language, use of the free verse, without rhymes, without metric, chronological and space discontinuity, mood in the poetry, nationalism of the landscape and sensitivity of the history of the land, Brazilian regionalism, folklore, legends, myths, little description of the personages, direct language, universalism and many others. The foundation of the public library and the center grossense Weeds of Letters, had come to contribute majestical in our literature.