Treatment Of Asthma: What You Need To Know

Bronchial asthma – one of the most common diseases in the world. It is known that inflammation in the walls of the bronchi of lungs, which leads to bouts of breathlessness, wheezing and other unpleasant symptoms, is in contact with allergens, such as: tree pollen, dust, and others. Therefore, successful treatment of asthma involves first the creation of antiallergic treatment for the patient. What do I need to do: good ventilate and dry bed, often change bed and underwear, take a shower, replace the pads on sinteponovye and cotton, do not use a feather bed, blanket, woolen garments put them in sealed bags; clean carpets and, if possible, upholstered furniture from the bedroom, to conduct regular wet cleaning (a patient with asthma do not own or, in extreme cases, in a gauze bandage or a respirator like 'petals'); After vacuuming for an hour can be in cleaning the room so as not to inhale the suspension of dust in the air, do not leave open shelves and a large number of books on the surface, no pets, birds, aquarium fish, all of them – the sources of allergens, not to keep soft toys, do not store things under the bed, the curtains should be cotton or synthetic, and often wear out, do not dilute the indoor plants. Medikomentoznoe treatment of asthma may include Seba use of drugs such as Inta, tayled and inhaled corticosteroids. These drugs do not relieve an attack of asthma.

Their action is conditioned by gradual decrease inflammation in the bronchi and, hence, thus they reduce the severity of asthma attacks and their frequency. The action of these drugs in full force manifests itself after the regular admission within two weeks. It is very important not to stop treatment, even after the disappearance of symptoms of asthma. A special group of drugs include the so-called bronchodilators. They relieve bronchospasm and thus stop attack of asthma. But their use is sufficiently regulated, and we must remember that they can be applied not more than three – four times a day. If the patient's condition after their use does not improve, then the necessary urgent help a physician.