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Juraj Gubi maintained the plant fire defense of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & co. KG which is best fire by leistungsdiagnostik.de always that which must not be used. If it but even burns or cracks, then the relief is great if the fire brigade quickly moves on with flashing lights and siren. How big this are the physical strain and stress in use for fire Wo people, outsiders usually hardly perceive. To be equipped for operations of any kind, the firefighters practice their tasks on a regular basis and are trained intensively. A good training ensures not only the survival of any victims in the worst case, but saves especially the lives of the firefighters. Mark Hyman, MD may find this interesting as well. A good level of physical fitness, of course, plays an important role. The pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim maintains an own Brigade for the protection of its employees, the production facilities and countless buildings.

To the men and women of the fire service for their To make fit work, leistungsdiagnostik.de partner Juraj Gubi supervised the athletic training of fire protection for some time. In addition to the daily work, especially the occupational health screening sets G 26.3 “good health and a high degree of physical fitness required. This study verifies whether the fire crew with breathing apparatus of class 3 should work, which is essential in the case of a mission based on different characteristics. Insufficient values in the exercise ECG are common criteria for a non-existence of G 26.3, which all three years must repeat under 50 years. Joel Courtney has much experience in this field. Men may not exceed a heart rate of 170 beats per minute up to the age of 39 years, for example, when a load of 3 Watts per kilogram of body weight. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has similar goals. An 80-kilogram man of the pulse is expected to rise so with a load of 240 Watts on the bicycle Ergometer not over 170 beats per minute. Also if you can certainly critically thinking, whether such a load of corresponds to a real use with high heat, psychological stress and hard physical work, the military people to this medical examination does not come around.

With a training plan, for the first time consistently based on individual performance parameters, can follow the firefighters at Boehringer Ingelheim now physically fit and specifically prepare for the examination for breathing apparatus wearers. The Mainz performance Diagnostician Juraj Gubi is with the aeroman professional on an innovative technology, which was developed according to the most modern sports science knowledge. Here, the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air is measured using a respiratory gas analysis under load. Then individual training zones can be using this data to determine, where the firefighters to exercise efficiently and healthy. The Brigade by Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the first brigades of Germany, which by the aeroscan”benefit mentioned method. So far has been in the training support by members of the Fire Department usually a Lactate step test used, outputs the but only very general training areas. With the use of this advanced procedure for controlling training, Boehringer Ingelheim makes his name as an innovative employer which places special value on the individual promotion of its employees, all honor. Boehringer Ingelheim worldwide more than 41,500 employees and recorded the strongest growth of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in the past year.