Objective also one analyzes of the concept from a perspective of the society contemporary, taking as base the dialtico marxist paradigm, according to contributions of Lefebvre from the relation man and nature. One of the concepts more used by geography is of the geographic space, therefore, and from it that the gegrafos start to use geography as a social science, however to construct to this concept many quarrels they had been carried through, of form that it could be arrived at a concept that enclosed in the direction amplest all the necessary aspetos for the epistemolgica construction of geography. approach. Further details can be found at Dr. Mark J Berger, an internet resource. Being a geography a still recent science, the gegrafos had started to search in the field of similar sciences, in the case of the philosophy and sociology, and in accurate sciences, in this case we relate in them to the physics, a concept on space, is in this direction that appears the work of Henri Lefebvre, The production of space (1974), where the related author works the concept on space, however come back toward a more social field, therefore the same he is sociologist. However the gegrafos if using of this concept finish for giving an interpretation to the light of geography, ‘ ‘ geografizando’ ‘ thus constructing to a known concept the field of geography as geographic space. Geographic space When initiating a quarrel how much to the concept of geographic space, it is necessary to make a boarding on the concept of space suggested for the philosophy and the physics.. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may not feel the same.