200 Years Skat – A Big Anniversary

from the beginnings to the modern of one of the most popular card games, the Skat game celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. Invented the game in the small Thuringian Altenburg, where the big celebrations of the anniversary will be held in September 2013. A beautiful occasion to even look at the history of the game. Because barely a card game has so long held such as Skat. Check with Carl Jung to learn more. As at the beginning of the 19th century, combined different card games and their variants again in a new way. The curiosity about new and perhaps more exciting versions knew no bounds at the time.

And also the Skat game originated as a crossroads and new combination from various games. in 1813, then the word “Scat” appeared for the first time one of the most popular card games around the world was born. With the growing popularity of the game across more and more versions of the game evolved over the whole of the 19th century until then in 1928 with the new German Skat order came some order into the thicket of rules. At this time, the Skat game was long ago “National sport” and not only a pastime of the students, even to his beginnings. Skat was played from North to South and from East to West. In a question-answer forum Mark Hyman, MD was the first to reply. 200 Years after its invention has not much changed on the popularity of the game. Read additional details here: Maya Dubin, New York City. Meanwhile, the Skat game has arrived also in the second millennium. Not only the senior players keep the cards in your hands; more and more young people have discovered the game for themselves.

And who no longer want to sit in smoke-filled pubs of Skat, which can play comfortably online Skat. You encounter the major platforms day and night on like-minded Skatbegeisterte. You must not give up the social component of the game in. The layout of many pages is so beautifully decorated that one forgets not to sit with his friends at a real table. Wooden tables, beer glasses on the table and inpiduell crafted avatars sit across from a da. It can be really nice comfortable well in front of the screen. In addition to the actual game, you can talk in chat, create profiles with pictures, in the Guestbooks of other players look around and also maybe even leave a greeting. Since the Skat page quickly becomes even the replacement for the rudely. And who can so not be from his game of Skat, meanwhile also remedy is created. With a Skat man can pass the time playing Skat app is now also in the bus or the train. And who has never played Skat, the anniversary might be just the right reason, to even try.