Avenida Arenales

In 2006 he worked in a restaurant located in the Avenida Arenales, block 14 with the intersection of Social insurance for the employee. In that place he played electronic keyboard and sang every day of the week in the night, (fewer on Sunday), and on Fridays and Saturdays accompanied two singers. In August more or less, the owner of the premises decided that it would only work days Friday and Saturday, and already not everyday, disque for economic reasons (in reality didn’t seem so, because I noticed more affluence of public, but in the end his motives would have) I am of people who do not like claim nothing; rather like being in a constant overcoming me, professionally speaking, and also as a person. For this since 1995, with my wife we had formed a musical duo, and were working on contracts from time to time. The musical duo for contracts unfolded in the following manner: I on the keyboard singing, and my wife making me second vocals all this thing carried out with the sound equipment that we had bought. The musical duo carrying name LOS DUEnOS del SWING to initiative of my wife. The case that sometimes our contracts crossed was given with the work that was in the restaurant, on any Friday or Saturday; but there was no problem, because the owner realizing that these contracts (which as I repeat, and he understood it; crossed rarely with restaurant work) represented us a greater economic income, and gave me permission. In truth, my work in the restaurant, was to interpret background music (ambient) with a volume low, so that diners could talk, and it was if it was me or not. Be bitter end year and at the beginning of the month of November, I get a contract by year’s end, with a number of well reasonable money.

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