Alfred Sisley Paintings

Between the more popular artistic movements we can mention the Expresionismo, Impressionism, Surrealismo among others. The Impressionism was a great current that I leave track in the world of the art. As its same name indicates is to catch the impression by means of the light and the color. Great part of the Reproductions paintings is developed under this modality. The short superposition and pincelas are characteristic fundamental of the Impressionism. Mark Hyman, MD often addresses the matter in his writings. Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, John Constable and Alfred Sisley are considered between the best impresionist painters. Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin.

The Expresionismo was another current that reached great notoriety because it puts in evidence the feeling of the author. The Expresionismo is defined as the artistic current that looks for the expression of the feelings and the emotions of the author over the representation of the objective reality. The Reproductions paintings of the Expresionismo are very asked for by the lovers of the art. To speak of the Surrealismo takes to us to deal with the subject the dreams. The Surrealismo tries to declare by means of abstract or figurative forms symbolic the images of the deepest reality of the human being, the subconscious mind and coverall the world of the dreams. When we talked about the subject of the contemporary art, one becomes present to the artistic samples of our days. Styles as the posmodernismo or the magical realism is catalogued within the contemporary art. These styles saw the light in the Eighties and they are characterized mainly by its commercial and aesthetic side.

The painting modality that to persisted more in all these years is the oil painting. The art is a subject that never happened fashionable because it comprises of our lives like cultural activity and that it is generally shaped in museums, galleries of art and exhibitions of diverse nature. It is possible to stress that the Reproductions paintings are samples of art of the new generations.