Attention Stroller

A now widely used model is the so-called buggy, which very often and like is used because of its maneuverability, as well as its flexibility generated by Foldability. This type of child car is best to transport since folded excellent can accommodate him in most cars. There are several special models, whether for transporting multiple births, the use as a trolley or rehabilitation to models tailored specifically to the infant (for example disabled children). What should look when buying a stroller as baby stroller more or less as high-tech devices will appear most to find it harder and harder for parents the right model. Clear that a mother holding her infant in hands after months of healthy pregnancy chooses not the first stroller in addition, rightly as it unfortunately shows be? A series of tests conducted by Stiftung Warentest revealed this unfortunately little Attention ensure positive, because not only the cost, but above all the contained pollutants. In the test here for the basis of 14 different strollers have been tested under which nobody was free of harmful substances. It is surprising, however, that the need for these substances can be excluded because some completely different pollutants were installed.

“A problem is that found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as the containing phthalates are not acutely dangerous, but only” as some critical and carcinogenic, which is apparently not enough for banning this. Here consulted test ten of the 14 tested stroller even with the test verdict fared poorly, because too many pollutants have been found. It is particularly worrying that the industry as a whole not to react appears as failed a previous test of strollers (year 2006) similar to bad and yet apparently no response caused by the respective manufacturers. That is a fact not to assign the hand partly not particularly meaningful legislation, which regulates the manufacture of toys and the therein containing pollutants more accurately than it is the case in the manufacture of baby strollers, even though one can assume however that just babies or young children particularly vulnerable are thus at risk. It remains so only the choice of the Puppenwagens, which according to much higher quality tests to be undergone seems. Indeed, the most tested strollers are also not just child-friendly, if one may believe the test.