Belmonte Outside

The Spanish Mireia Belmonte has remained outside the end of 200 meters styles by 45 hundredth after finalizing villa in the first semifinal of the modality, disputed in the Olympic swimming pool of Shanghai. The nadadora concluded the test with a time of 2m 12, 37s that supposed the tenth better time between the two semifinals, insufficient to strain itself in the end. The Catalan could not in the morning repeat its time that it gave him happens to the semifinal (2m 11, 38s). When finishing the test, has recognized that it had been put very nervous during the race. " I have not been able to sleep. Very it was tired could not controlar" , it showed the nadadora of Barcelona, that also stood out had the legs " very cargadas". The Australian Stephanie Rice (2m 09, 65s.) took the series, whereas his compatriot Alicia Coutts (2m 10, 65s) dominated the second semifinal. Source of the news: : Belmonte, outside the end of the 200 styles. .