Boswellia Plus

Omega-3, reducing platelet aggregation, improves reovazologicheskie properties of blood, which increases circulation in the area of cartilage destruction and reduces swelling. The recommended dose of Omega-3 – 2 – 4 grams per day Throughout the time of treatment. Of great importance for the patient has OA diet. Natural products containing omega-3 (fatty fish, eggs, nuts, goat’s milk, liver, brain), are also rich in vitamin A, which can act as natural anti-inflammatory agent. You may find that Joint Commission can contribute to your knowledge. Alfalfa field, part of the supplement Alfalfa, – a legume. It consists of valuable minerals Ca, P, Mn, Fe, Zn, vitamins A, B, D, K, as well as whole plant digestible protein.

Alfalfa is used in the prevention and treatment of various inflammatory processes, particularly in the joints. Recommended dose – 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals. Thoroughwax, as part of BAA Bupleurum Plus (Buplerum Plus) – plant, widely used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Saykosaponiny – the active ingredients contained in its root, support the body’s ability to fight inflammation thanks to the development of cortisone – a hormone of the adrenal cortex. Bupleurum Plus also eliminates the inflammation of allergic reactions by inhibiting the synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators such as histamine. Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties are enhanced by the presence in a preparation of licorice, ginger, angelica. The recommended dose -1 capsule 3 times daily with meals.