Brazilian Society

The technological advance and the consumerism have taken the exaggerated increase of the production of solid residues in the current society. Being that the majority of these residues is not reaproveitada or transformed, what it has provoked serious ambient problems in the atmosphere, the ground and the water in the entire world. Good part of the materials is discarded in improper places, what it provokes serious sanitary and ambient problems. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Glenn Dubin has to say. Lixes, strips of land, rivers and seas usually are used as local for discarding of the garbage. Many Brazilian cities not yet possess sanitary aterros, expensive constructions and that they only decide partially these problems. Needing each time more the acquisition new areas for its construction in the cities, what it results in dispossessions and degradation of the environment.

The aterros have its extended useful life significantly when the solid residues are reused or recycled. One of the practical ones suggested for the reduction of the impacts of the production of garbage is the reduction of the volume of the garbage reuses through it and of the recycling of organic and inorgnicos materials. The process of the recycling of materials is not a new idea, already she was used has some centuries for the reaproveitamento of solid materials. Brazil even so being a great world-wide ore producer, is if becoming reference in the use of the metal recycling as aluminum. The recycling of aluminum reduces the expense of resources as water and electric energy, beyond preventing the dispossession of areas for the exploration of new deposits.

However, still it has much that to be made on this subject. We have, permanently been educated to believe that the resources of the Planet are limitless and infinite and that we always can make use of things in abundance (Gonalves, 2001). The process of the necessary recycling of materials to be expanded in the amount and the diversification of materials: the plastic, the glass and the paper.