Child Support

The Internet is a wealth of information on the subject of child support. The Internet is a wealth of information on the subject of child support. There are many Internet sites that generally inform about child support in Germany or to pick out specific topics in this area. It is informed about child support and whose legal bases as well as on the conditions and who, as well as the amount of child support to be paid. As regards the latter question, more clues in the so-called Dusseldorf table, which is found on many Internet sites can be found. Most Internet sites have, however, also to the content to inform you how to calculate the child support in individual cases is. This example facts and examples are indicated for illustrative purposes. Many writers such as Dr. Hyun Kim offer more in-depth analysis. Here, then usually the Dusseldorfer table comes to fruition.

Many sites on the Internet is here to those of German lawyers, their clients on current developments and what’s new in family law, including the right of maintenance for children, inform. This is not an easy task, the various regulations on the child support but not always at first glance are understandable and require detailed explanation, which is why it is still useful consult additional personally by the Attorney in the law firm. You can read also how this advice fails, on the Internet. As long there are Internet portals specifically for concerned parents, on which they are informed not only about the child support, but in a blog their experiences and points of contact can give in and with this topic. On the basis of these reports, outsiders in turn can check as well about the quality of legal advice and the initial of legal cases in court, relating to child support. Of German citizens in the Internet that receives all in all lots of information that often can contribute to greater clarity, but often even more confusion, so that advice cannot be replaced by the qualified lawyer through the Internet.