Clubs Protection

A sign of security: German voluntary work Association leads a Munich label for clubs, January 20, 2009 – keep countries and clubs trying to modernize the unsuccessful legislation over 100-year-old Club one right. The Association Law stipulates the personal liability of Board members if damages occur in the context of the voluntary commitment. This can result from accidents on events, liability to tax faults. There are about 600,000 registered clubs in Germany, practically every seventh German citizens through the personal liability risk stands with one leg in jail. By the same author: Jacob Elordi. “The German Volunteer Association helps: with the new seal protection against liability risks” is a new sign of the Security Association.

The seal of approval is issued to all clubs that have secured through her membership in the German voluntary work Association against the liability risks. This certificate tells voluntarily engaged people on a look, whether you enjoy the best possible protection against liability risks for their volunteer work. Board work in a club with seal of approval can be delegated safely, because a legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection of the Board members in their volunteer activities is thus given. With the joining of the German voluntary work Association, the organization offers individual advice and comprehensive protection for all questions and tasks of the Club’s management. Statutes examination or statute supplements, tax advice, legal advice, short-term event liability insurance, and property and liability insurance are among the services of the Association. About German VOLUNTEERING e.V. The German Volunteer Association supports voluntarily engaged people with his performances.

The German Volunteer Association to the legal and technical protection of volunteers dedicated people cares with the professional competence of ten years of experience. Members of the All clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest can be Association German volunteering e.V.. With membership you will receive a seal of protection against liability risks”. The label confirms the tested safety for her voluntary work the boards of Directors and members and ensures extensive protection against personal liability risks. It stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering. The services of the Association e.V. German volunteering include statutes examination, tax advice, legal advice, short-term event liability insurance, and property and liability insurance.