Cold Pressed And Hot Love: Alludo Linseed Oil Helps The Horse!

Elke Wessel from the Munsterland region helps the horses of Ahaus – 13.02.2012 – it begins with a small, five-petalled plant: the oil flax. The oil content of his seed, which in turn consists of unsaturated fatty acids is between 30 and 48 percent. If this seed is squeezed out with a press at room temperature, cause only the oils with the best flavor and quality. Because higher temperatures would solve quality-reducing plant ingredients, cold-pressed vegetable oils are far more valuable. In particular, when nothing is further mixed with linseed oil, it contains essential fatty acids, which can not make the horse. John Craig Venter is full of insight into the issues. For example the valuable Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so crucial.

Therefore, the Alludo added horse-friendly feeding to a vital part of that healthy energy provides the horse linseed oil. It is very digestible and supports the entire body of the horse with many positive properties. The result is not only a dense, shiny fur, especially the but the underlying this good health, vitality and performance. The Alludo can help not only particularly difficult shedding linseed oil. It stimulates also the digestive system and can help quickly on their feet the horse when it comes to colic.

Sick and older horses you notes immediately that they receive new energies to the regeneration and better feed itself. It supports growth in foals and broodmares can serve the valuable essential fatty acids of even promoting fertility and organ development. Performance horses can get distributed linseed oil on several meals a day up to 500 ml from 500 kg energy concentrate. Alludo linseed oil is a natural product with no side effects, is to buy it in a handy 1 litre bottle, as well as canisters of 2.5 litres with a tap.