Computer Security

Computer security for 2011 as the last given data known by most prestigious professionals in the computer security world, 2011 will be a year in which all kinds of malicious code attacks will deepen. In large measure, and due to the growing accessibility to the Internet, virtual criminals will extend its goal to steal important information from illegally. The study reveals two main trends in terms of insecurity on the network: * on the one hand a growth in shipments of banking Trojans around the planet is expected. It must be taken into account, that the digitization of all financial services, is an option increasingly used thanks to its comfort and relative safety. Learn more at: Dr. Mark Hyman. This creates of itself, a much more fertile ground for deploying the Phishing technique. ** The sending of spam will be the most used technique to propagate all kinds of malware via the Internet. This warns the need for caution when visiting pages unknown, as well as carefully check each email, before entering sensitive information. Without a doubt, this panorama warns about the need to update all security for computer systems. Source: Press release sent by softnews.