Dealing with Death

There is no yardstick for the pain and tragedy of the mother, to whose son returned from the army in a zinc coffin. Like a fish in water, it opens and closes his mouth and does not publish is not a single sound. Her every breath could be the last. The father looks at one point, a finger leads to the edge of the coffin Evgeni Filippov was the hope, support and protection of their parents. It's hard for themselves and decided to defend their homeland and went to serve in the Russian army. All the doubts of the mother only replied: "It is my duty, my mother." He He was tall, almost meter ninety, physically strong, healthy and had regular features.

That's why he was sent to the elite troops in Moscow. In June 2006, he fell into the curriculum of N 83,421. Here there was a nasty story – it stood up for one of the soldiers, who were beaten, bruised as a result of transfer to the reserve, Eugene was in the hospital with a broken jaw, and one of the instigators of the fight was awarded to five years of disciplinary battalion. In late December, Jack was in the so- called "elite" of N 83,420. There was subjected to constant harassment Eugene, insulted and beaten by fellow soldiers – in the flourishing of hazing. Parents Gene communicated with his company commander, Nikolayev Andrei Vladimirovich, who confirmed that their son's beating. In early May 2007, Jack was in Podolsk hospital with bruising a bone (the result of the beatings).