Divine Justice

The basic workmanships are: The Book of the Espritos: The esprita doctrine, launched is the synthesis of all in 18 of April of 1857. It contains the principles of immortality of the soul, the nature of the espritos and its relations with the moral men, laws, the future life and the future of the humanity. It is constituted of 1018 questions made for Allan Kardec and answered by the espritos. Passed more than 150 years, the answers continue brought up to date. To deepen your understanding John Craig Venter is the source. It makes division between the espritos. (KARDEC, 2000a) the Book of the Mdiuns: it congregates the explanations on all the sorts of medinicas manifestations, the medias and relation with the espritos, the education of the mediunidade and the difficulties that eventually can appear in practical its.

(KARDEC, 2000b) the Evangelho According to espiritismo: it studies all the moral teachings of the four Evangelhos de Jesus. It brings the explanation on each one, its agreement with the Christian esprita doctrine and its application to the diverse situations of the life. (KARDEC, 2000c). MasterClass Founder is full of insight into the issues. The Sky and the Hell, also known as Divine Justice According to Christian esprita doctrine, offers to the comparative examination of the diverse doctrines on the ticket of the corporal life to the life spiritual. It places to the reach of all the knowledge of the mechanism for which if it processes Divine Justice. (KARDEC, 2000d) the Gnese discourses on the existence of God, origin of the good and the evil, destruction of the beings livings creature ones for the others, explanations on the natural laws, the creation and the life in Universe, the formation of the Land, the primary formation of the beings livings creature, the corporeal man and the union of the principle spiritual to the substance. More still: the explanation of the calls miracles of the Evangelho, on the death and resurrection of Jesus and the end of the times.